Monday, June 20, 2005

Sources for Arras Battle

Here's a listing of the sources I've used thus far in compiling data for this little scenario:

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SPRHD John Moher, Spearhead Games Website, 1997-2000 Link: Games Website with OOBs and Rules

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LEX German language website about SS formations:

TIL HPS - France 1940 Game OOB

NIEH Niehorster Website:

5th Panzer OOB

This outfit participated in the Arras counterstroke not at all, I think. But they were in very close proximity to the battle, holding down the right flank of 7th Panzer along the Scarpe river.

5th Panzer Division

8th Pz Brigade
31st Panzer Regiment

14th Panzer Regiment

8th Panzer Reconnaisance Battalion

5th Shutzen Brigade
14th Rifle Regiment

13th Rifle Regiment
1 Btl.


89th Pioneer Battalion (Motorized with Bridging Equipment and Armor)

77th Signals Battalion

53rd Antitank Battalion

116th Artillery Regiment
1 Btl.