Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy HQ Birthday

I've been at this blog almost a year now, and have had nearly 6,000 page loads. That's more than I had imagined it would receive.

Thanks to kindly posters who left comments and to readers who have stopped by and lingered more than 10 seconds.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Google-eyed View of COTA

Just published a Google Earth walk through of COTA scenarios. Visit this BBS if you want to download
the file: LINK

In case you missed it...

These are the new features coming with COTA:

Realistic Resupply System
Mixed Mode Movement and Slope Effects
Realistic Delay Task
Exit Tasks
Linked Tasks
Map Improvements
Enhanced Interface, including:
- Order of Battle display
- Display Tool Bar
- New Planning Tools
- Message Log and filters
- SOP History Log
- Enhanced Terrain popup
- Improved Data displays
Improved AI, including:
- Force Allocation
- Reaction and Reassessment
- Formation code
- Retreat code
Additional Weather Patterns
Over 20 new maps
Over 1,000 new Estabs
Over 30 new scenarios
Force List Export/Import
Mod-able Victory Messages
Mod-able Terrain Key