Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1st COTA Mod

0800: Breakfast is served!
Introducing a new terrain file by captskillet - the first player-made modification to COTA. He cooked it up using the existing terrain files from the game, in combination with previous terrain files modified by Data Design Team honcho Bil H.



Mmmm. Nice rich brown colors - like an good cup of coffee. You can get this mod by shooting captskillet a PM on the Matrix forums. Read the post here.

Friday, June 16, 2006

co-TA! co-TA! co-TA! co-TA! co-TA!

It's out and it's awesome. Conquest of the Aegean (COTA) is available for download.

The improvements to the game engine are very cool indeed. My favorite is the new supply system, which adds a great deal of suspense to the game. Sometimes it works in your favor - you'll get artillery ammo a little more often. Other times, you'll struggle to keep your supply lines open - you can no longer take them for granted.

Another great feature is mixed-mode movement. Many units that have previously enjoyed the benefit of easy movement through many types of terrain will now feel the pain of poor and non-existent roads. In the image below, I'm thrusting Italian troops into the Pindus mountains to hopefully breakthrough and capture Greece before she can muster her entire army. But the mountains are killing my one chance of lightning breaktrhough. The armor unit, highlighted in a white box, is in terrain that let's it move at 2% of its normal speed. Ugh!