Sunday, February 20, 2005

Love / Hate

The best time and worst time I've had playing this game is against a human opponent.

Having gotten fairly well crushed in my first game in the tourney (my worst time?), I am facing my opponent again in round two. Today we played for almost two hours, but had to stop before the match was over. I enjoyed the game a lot, but can't stop wondering how things will go in the final hours.

There isn't much time left... and my situation is looking okay thus far. BUT, I'm wondering when he'll unleash the knockout blow. Because we are playing a scenario that came with the game, I know full well what forces he has to work with. And so far, I've only seen maybe half or less of his forces.

The question is where will they come? And will I have enough time to react? This is the part I truly love and hate... stay tuned!

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