Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pardon My Dust

I have to find a new host for the files for this site. The host where I store the images and game files is being transferred to another owner. Therefore, you'll not be seeing the images and "stuff" for a while.

In other news, I embarassed myself today by completely forgetting what the password I used for my saved tournament game. I sent the file to Panther and I hope they can dig the password out of the file for me.

So, rather than finish up round one against Isacco, the Milano Master of Disaster, he and I started a new game against one another: "Battle of the Boxtel Bases." I took command of the vaunted Axis forces, and Isacco lead the Allies. We played for two hours and I have to admit that he is getting the better of me. Before we could finish, my son woke up from his nap, and my wife strolled in to remind me of the things I needed to get done, so I had to save the game and bid Isacco farewell till next time.

All this while he was driving a Guards armored regiment right across my flank, threatening to envelope the entire 1034 infantry regiment in Boxtel proper. I had recognized the threat and had given them orders to pull back from the city, but they were so war weary, I couldn't get them to move. Grrrrrrr.

Mercifully, I won't have to watch the disaster unfold for another week or so.

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