Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Data Design Team Diary

A while back, I joined one of the Airborne Assault data design teams. More specifically, I joined the West Front data design team. That means I'm working on the upcoming Battles From the Bulge (BFTB) title, producing scenarios, editing force lists, researching battles, and sometimes working on maps. None of which is happening very quickly, because I'm a full time something else in the world of work, and a father of two young'uns at home.

But, I'm in all the way and hoping to learn something about developing a game. And, if you read this blog at all (I know updates haven't been happening in some time) you'll be able to learn a little too. I'm going to journal my experiences on the team and share some information about the development of the game.

None of the information is going to be a big scoop for anyone, so don't get your hopes up about me leaking game features and any other juicy tidbits. It's going to be a little more work-a-day scenario design stuff - not screaming tabloid headlines about new features. But I hope you'll get a look at what goes into the game and how the quality of the work makes the in-game experience worthwhile and enjoyable.


JeF said...


You wrote:
>don't get your hopes up about me leaking game features and any other juicy tidbits.

With a portion of one of the new maps on the front page, you must be kidding. ;-)

I'm glad you choose to update your blog. You should advertise it more IMHO.

Happy Holidays !


Rooster said...

Thanks Jef - I'll put a banner on my sig over at the Matrix forums.

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