Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Creating Terrain Elements - Part Three

As mentioned in previous posts, the tools and documentation provided with HTTR are great and give any owner of the game great latitude (and longitude?) in creating maps, updating terrain, and building scenarios.

However, now that I've turned a wrench on my mod, and scraped my knuckles a time or two in the process, I would have one thing that would make this process a tiny bit better.

More Terrain Element Options!

As mentioned, I've used the "Broken" terrain slot to create the hedgerow terrain element. This means, of course, that I must forgo any maps that are heavy in "broken" terrain because I gave that option up. It would be great, therefore, if, in future releases, we could have MORE terrain options and even some blank terrain elements to build upon.

As the series moves on from Holland to Greece, I can imagine that the developers have opted to give up "Polder" in favor of "Olive Grove." But they couldn't simply add "Olive Grove" without replacing another terrain element, or perhaps I'm not aware. So how about 10 more terrain slots to work with?

That's it. Really, I feel funny complaining about such things... just hoping that my 2 cents can help improve what is a really awesome set of mod tools.

So, for comparison, here are actual hedgerows:

And here are my hedgerows:

Next, I'll walk through my map from research and development to making the file available to anyone wanting to jump in give have a look in advance of the final project being released.

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